Ground n' Pound School
Ground n' Pound School
in St. Louis, MO
St. Louis, MO
Learn How Every Real Estate Investor Can Negotiate Like A Ninja For DEEP (and DEEPER!) Discounts... even if you're just getting started and the idea of talking to Sellers terrifies you.
*Only 10 Seats Available - Don't Get Left Out!*
*Only 10 Seats Available
Don't Get Left Out!*
Meet Your Trainers:

Jeff Garner 

CEO/Founder of Starting Point Real Estate

Matt Theriault

CEO/Founder of Epic Real Estate
What's Included:
  •  We’ll start with Reactivation Strategies for the leads that you already have in your call capture system. That’s what the Epic Message is all about… and there are some other cool techniques we’ll share with you that will work with what you already have.
  •  Next, we’ll focus on the essentials of taking the incoming call from Motivated Sellers and how to bring their guard down so that they tell you the truth about their situation and why they’re selling – so you can potentially solve their problem without (or much less) money.
  •  Then, we’ll design and implement your Conversational Conversion Process to engage NEW leads that come in… focusing on the first 10 days of them inquiring about your service.
  •  We’ll invest a ton of time on the psychology of Lead Conversion… working key phrases, strategies and techniques. This is where you turn people that “want” to sell into those that “need” to sell, and where people that “need” to sell into selling to you at deeper discounts.
  •  One of the most overlooked opportunities for real estate investing is in the “During Unit”- from the moment someone signs the contract… to the time the transaction is over and everyone is happy. We’ll work on some hidden ways to leverage this experience.
  •  My favorite high-probability, low-cost way to generate more business is by Orchestrating Referrals with the people who already know you, like you, and trust you. We’ll talk about “The Secret Psychology of Why People Refer Anything… and How To Be The Only One They Refer”… and specifically, how to orchestrate referrals in YOUR business.
  •  Once we’ve got your Ninja-Level Conversational Conversion Skills in place… you’ll want to multiply the number of people you can engage with! So, we’ll finish up with creating the ultimate lead generators for your business, and maximize your lead captures.
  •   Then, the last-half of Day 2 we’ll transition from the classroom to the field where we’ll drive to and walk through several houses in various states of rehab to analyze the traps to watch out for and recognize the hidden gold mines to look for.
For The First Time Ever, This Expert Negotiation Strategiest Will Reveal Insider Secrets To Increase Seller Motivation And
Buy Real Estate At DEEP Discounts
(Without Trying To Figure It All Out On Your Own!)
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